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5-Minute Memoir: Juggling Life, Work, School, and Writing

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Life sometimes takes on the same traits as a juggling act at the circus. I’m sure I am not the only mom out there trying to do too much at one time. It hasn’t been easy trying to get my life together as I have gotten older. I am a full-time wife and mom of two wonderful boys who happen to be 19 and almost 8. Yes, you read correctly, my eight year old is the second marriage surprise, but he is the life in my soul. I also work full-time, and my hours are not always completely set in stone. On top of all, that I have returned to school to finally get a BA in English. Now, if that was not enough, I am also a self-published author of two mystery/suspense novels with three more ready for editing. How do I make time for all this? Honestly, I have had to put my writing on a back burner in order to give extra attention to my family. No matter how busy I get, I feel that my family needs more attention than anything else I do. Why? Because after all is said and done, they are the backbone of my existence. Without the support of family, and friends, nothing else can fall into place. Besides, between work and always doing schoolwork, I am sure they sometimes feel a little neglected even though they never admit to it.

How do I do it? Good question. It is no small feat to make all these puzzle pieces fit into place just right. Sometimes the pieces get jumbled and I have to try it again the next day. My older son is two hours away in college so he is not part of my everyday struggles. I get up early enough to get myself and the little one ready for work and school. We are out of the house between 7:15AM and 7:25AM, depending on how many times I have had to tell him to get a move on. For those of you with young children, you know that means we usually leave by 7:25AM. I work each day between 8:30AM and anywhere between 5:30PM and 6:30PM. If I need to leave early for any reason I can, but it is not usual. Perfect scenario, hubby works until 2:00PM, so he leaves work and goes straight to our little one’s school to pick him up. No daycare or after school care! When I get home, I make sure everyone eats.  Most days, hubby has started dinner. Then get little man in the bath and to bed by 7:30ish. Of course, he is not asleep until an hour later, but at least he is fed and clean. After dinner I clean up a little, and then sit and relax for at least an hour. Honestly, sometimes it is more than that as I try to get motivated enough to go into my home office and do that week’s schoolwork for my two classes. Monday is the hardest day to get with it, so sometimes I don’t even try to get motivated. I just want to relax on the couch with hubby and watch TV while I crochet. The rest of the week I have to get my butt in gear so as not to get too far behind. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I am doing my best to keep my GPA above a 3.12 so that I can get into a good master’s program next Fall. On my “get after it” days, I shower and get in the office by about 10PM and go until I get sleepy or finish the assignment. Sadly, sometimes sleepy wins, but I make it through and get to bed around midnight or 1AM. Yup, then I start all over again the next day. I know this all looks and sounds random, but it has become my daily schedule. It keeps me straight, and I know I am getting everything completed that needs my attention. Am I tired everyday? I sure am! I’ll catch up on that sleep thing eventually.

I would LOVE to squeeze in time for my writing again, but mark my words, when I finish my last class for my bachelor’s in May, I am going to start a new writing project for the summer before I engulf myself in a master’s program. Take it from me, all this juggling is not easy, but I look at it this way, It is going to all be well worth it in the end.


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