me5Marlene Sanchez has been captivated by mystery and suspense since she picked up her first Nancy Drew novel in elementary school. Still today, a good crime drama loaded with government agents and bad guys can grab her attention, and transport her imagination into a spinning frenzy of new ideas. Her novels Waves of Deceit and Accidents Happen are products of such frenzies.

Marlene’s writings are centered around Miami and Miami Beach, where she brings out her deep roots and culture. Her characters are strong, independent, Cuban-American women who don’t need any saving and can hold their own, but are still sexy and seductive. Her love of The Godfather fuels her storylines and keeps her muse busy with new and exciting ideas for her Martina Rosquete Investigations series, as well as for The Pascual Family Trilogy. She is also throwing her hat in the ring with Freelance writing where she hopes to stick to her genre, and also do a few non-fiction pieces to help other aspiring writers make it through the daily struggles of life.

Marlene was born in New York and raised in Miami. She is happily (re)married, has two sons and two step-daughters, and is surrounded by loving pets (two cats and three dogs). She is currently working on completing her BA in English, then moving on to a Master’s program so that she can teach and spread her love for writing and literature. In her spare time, if there ever is any, she likes to crochet and watch TV with her family. It’s the simple things that make life that much better.