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Black Widow Excerpt

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            His breathing became shallower as she set her drink on the table in front of him. She could sense his panic as she raised her eyes to look into his eyes.

            Her lip curled up ever so slightly as she looked into his glassy stare. She heard him gasp for air. She leaned forward, still fixed on his face. “Is it getting harder to breathe for you, baby?”

            The man stared back at her, his eyes wide as saucers as he continued to gasp for air.

            “This is what happens when you piss off the wrong people. They send the Black Widow to make it all better.”

            He opened his mouth as though he wanted to protest, but she placed her slender, red manicured finger over his lips.

            “It will only be worse if you talk. Just listen.” Her curved lips turned to an evil and cynical smile. “In a few more seconds you’ll take your last breath, but before you do…” she took her phone out of her purse. “Smile for the camera.”           The man took one final gasp as the life drained from his body. Black Widow snapped the picture and got up from the table. She stepped into the kitchen to find cleaning supplies. She went back to the table and wiped off her finger prints. She didn’t have to worry about leaving any other DNA because she always wore a tight fitting wig.

            She picked up her phone one last time to attach the image to a text. Viper, it’s done. Black Widow. Send.

~ * ~ * ~

            Reyna spent the following Monday afternoon shopping. She loved to spend money, and since she made so much of it, there was always a shopping spree looming in her immediate future. She had all the latest clothes and shoes and spent small fortunes on her handbags. The life of luxury suited her well.

Her spree ended sooner than she planned. While indulging in the new scents of lotions and body wash at the Bath and Body Works, her work phone dinged, telling her she had a text message. Placing the lotion bottle into her shopping tote she reached for the phone in her purse and scanned her thumbprint to open to read, “Check your email”. She paid for her purchases, gathered all her shopping bags and walked out of the cool, air conditioned mall into the sultry warmth of the Florida evening. The ocean breeze crept past her as she headed across the parking lot to her old ’88 blue Chevy Blazer. She drove a few miles from the mall to her penthouse condo in an exclusive building off Collins Avenue right on Miami Beach.

            In the secured lower level parking garage, she parked next to her black Mustang Shelby. Reyna picked up her purse and climbed out. Walking around to the trunk of the blazer, she pulled out the briefcase with her laptop and headed into the building. With her sunglasses on as she walked through the lobby, she nodded a hello to the security guard sitting at the circular desk near the main entrance. Only the residents had access to the garage as a security measure. It was another one of the reasons she chose it.

            On the 25th floor, the doors slid open, and she stepped out. There were only two penthouse apartments on that floor, hers and Martin Randall across the hall.

Mr. Randall was a self-made millionaire, and he was only thirty-five. Reyna liked that about him but wasn’t too sure what he had done to make the millions. The two exchanged pleasantries on occasion in the elevator in the mornings on his way to work, even though she always tried to keep a low profile. He was a very handsome man for an American. He was the typical blond, blue-eyed Adonis with broad shoulders and a tight ass. Reyna found him to be very easy on the eyes, and would catch herself checking him out more often than not.

            Reyna stepped into her apartment. The blinds were never left open, so there was always a calming blindness that welcomed her home. The dark comforted her and concealed her with a shroud of mystery. She flipped on the light in the foyer. The light from the chandelier reflected off the newly marbled floors and dimmed when it reached the entryway to the living room a few feet away.

She made her way through the apartment toward the second bedroom, which served as a partial office space for the small business she ran from home. Plugging in her laptop, she placed it on the small desk. While it booted up and made all its Bluetooth connections, she went to her bedroom across the hall to change out of her clothes and lock up the 9mm she always carried in her back holster.

            Her bedroom was an extension of herself, exposing a side of her that no one ever saw. It was exotic and sensual. With its natural wood and carvings, her four post bed was the center of attention. Reyna was a lover of mythology and the Greek gods. The male body always fascinated her to no end. Her bedroom and furniture reflected that. There was an extreme feel of sensuality within those walls, and the soft, soothing colors she chose throughout gave off the relaxing atmosphere she aimed for. There were shades of blue, purple, and reds surrounding the room, and on the walls she had chosen a soft pink. In the center of the room hung a candelabra chandelier illuminated by candles.

            Sitting on the soft purple spread, she slid out of her clothes and undergarments and slipped into an oversized black t-shirt. Even beneath the large shirt, her curves were prominent. Because she was tall and leggy, the shirt settled just below her bottom.

She padded back to the office and sat at her desk to check her emails. Reyna entered her passwords and encryption keys to unlock her inbox. As the text message had indicated, there was a message waiting for her.

            She opened the message and read…  Black Widow, requesting your expertise to handle a certain matter in Manhattan. Please advise me of your schedule. We need an immediate resolution. I expect to hear from you soon. Viper.

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