Hunted coverRELEASE DATE: 1-28-2014

Taken from their front yard, 10 and 9 year old Hansel and Gretel Yager became the next victims of the serial killer. A massive manhunt ensued in the nearby woods, but only Gretel was found a few miles from the killer’s cabin, frightened, exhausted and unharmed. The search continued for days, but Hansel and the killer were never found.

Twenty years later, Gretel is the youngest female FBI Agent on the BCAC unit (Behavioral Crimes Against Children). Avenging her brother was her main focus and goal; it’s what kept her going.  Just when her mother finally has Gretel convinced to let it go a new killer pops up with the same MO.

Gretel’s team is put on the case and they head to the scene of the latest murder, which happens to be the small town where she was raised and abducted as a child.

She is working closely with local sheriff, Jason Matheson.  As the case heats up and new facts are uncovered sparks fly between Gretel and the handsome lawman.  Maintaining her focus on the case gets harder and harder as they both try to deny an attraction that keeps growing stronger.

They are getting closer and closer to the killer, but the tables are turned and the hunters become the hunted as new, gruesome facts come to light that make Gretel wish she’d handed over the case to someone else.  But it’s too late for that and Gretel and Jason won’t get a chance at happiness together if they can’t survive being hunted.