Teaser Tuesday: Childishness

Today’s teaser is from my soon to be released (Jan. 2014) novella, Hunted: A Gretel Tale.

Sheriff Matheson pulled a small notepad from his shirt pocket, “actually… Agent Yager is it?” He looked up at her for a response.

“Yes,” Gretel apologized, “and these are Agents Chavez, Reynolds and McGee.”

“I was hoping you could follow me to the station. That way you know where we are if you need us or can’t reach us on our radios and cell phones.”

“Do you usually have communication issues?” Reynolds cut in, obviously doing his best not to sound rude, but failing miserably. His tone was very condescending to match his usual smart ass attitude.

Matheson raised an eyebrow and folded his arms over his braod chest. “I’m sure you city slickers never have these issues,” his tone was not so friendly anymore, to match that of Reynolds, “but up here in the mountains there are some areas where our radio signals are not as strong.”

“Well Sheriff, at least we have the good sense to be sure our high tech equipment works no matter what area we’re in.” Reynolds paused for a minute, “or maybe we’re just better funded.”

Gretel moved to stand between them, nudging Reynolds and giving him a dirty look, “thank you Sheriff Matheson, we’ll follow you down to the station now.”

He peered around her to glare at Reynolds and smirked as he spoke. “You going to keep a muzzle on that one?”

“Who the fuck…” Reynolds tried to push Gretel out of the way.

She stood her ground, turned around and shoved him back. “Back the fuck off, Michael!” her voice was more stern and pissed than she had ever needed to use on her partners in the past. She noticed the other men take a wide eyed step back.

Reynolds furrowed his eyes at her, raising his arm to point at Matheson. “Are you gonna…”

“No, but you have to calm the fuck down.” She pat his chest and took a breath of control. Moving a whisp of hair from her eye she turned back to Sheriff Matheson, “Sheriff, I would appreciate it if you would be a little less childish. We are here on an important investigation, not a ‘whose dick is bigger’ contest.” She heard McGee muffle a laugh, but maintained her composure and ignored him as best she could.

Matheson lowered his head, “I’m sorry Agent Yager, but…”

“Apology accepted, shall we go.” She turned on her heel and pushed the others toward the car.

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