The First “What if” Wednesday

Let’s try something a little different and fun because I want to hear from all of you :-) I’m going to give you a “What If…” scenario and you fill in the rest. I’ll even answer the What If first to get you going. Sound good? Yeah, I thought so too.

What if… Like Black Widow, you were an assassin. What would be your method of handling your marks and assignments?

My Answer:  If I was an International Assassin I would be the mostly long range sniper type. I would have an M107 .50 caliber long range sniper rifle (LRSR) for the jobs I can’t get in too close to do. Then I would have TSD Bolt Action SD99 Series Sniper Rifle for the times I can get in a little closer. Why a .22 caliber? Because if I get a good head shot lined up the bullet will bounce around in the skull and rip the brain to shreds. I know, pretty gruesome of me!

OK… now it’s YOUR turn. Give me your answer!

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