“What If” Wednesday…

Let’s have a little fun with this today. For those of you who have read, or are reading, Waves of Deceit or Accidents Happen this should be easy.

What If… Waves of Deceit and Accidents Happen were going to be made into movies. Who would you want to see play the lead roles? I know who I would pick, but I want your opinions, as fans of the books. I’m curious to see “who” you see in your minds when you are reading and these characters pop on the page.

We need to cast:

Waves of Deceit:

Michael Walker –

Manny Pascual –

Bianca Martinez –

Miguel Estevez –

Carlos Estevez –

Hector Garcia –


Accidents Happen:

Martina Rosquete –

Eddie Garcia –

Jackie Gonzalez –

Katy Rosquete –

Have FUN with this. Tell me who you want to see. Hell, add an image to go with it if you want to! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. The freaky thing would be if any of you pick the same actors I have picked out!!

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